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Life Insurance

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This is a story about an interrupted phonecall...

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I was on the phone just now to my life insurance company, making sure absolutely everything was perfectly in order, so there would be no quibbles or delays in the event of a claim. I bought that life insurance policy deliberately because it will pay out in the event that I commit suicide.

The doorbell rang. My phonecall was interrupted. In fact, the thing that's been most central to my entire life - this blog - has been interrupted.

When I think about my breakup with my girlfriend in London, shortly before I had to leave the capital for a new job, I remember all the nice emails we've exchanged since; how supportive she's been - real lifesaver stuff.

It looked like we were both moving on with our lives, and we didn't want the inevitable pain when one or the other of us met somebody new, so we mutually agreed to break off contact. I expect she'd probably still reply though, if I emailed her. I know I would reply if she emailed me.

The problem is, people don't often reach out when they're on the brink of suicide, as I can personally attest to.

Time to get back on the phone to the life insurance company... make sure all the Is are dotted and Ts crossed.