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No More Mr Nice Guy

2 min read

This is a story about being two faced...

Me as a girl

I can't stop thinking what an ungrateful shit I am. I can't stop thinking that I'm a horrible person. I can't stop thinking that I'm not nice and I don't deserve the care and assistance I've received; the love and support. I feel guilty about feeling the way I do... unable to fully appreciate how lucky I am. I should be counting my blessings, but I'm not, which means I must be the most awful person who ever existed in the entire history of everything ever.

Who am I to complain about anything? Who am I to look a gift horse in the mouth? Who am I to say I'm struggling? Who am I to be anything at all, other than the grovelling piece of dirt that I am; a worthless piece of shit; a beggar.

I must've been like this all along. I must've been hiding my true identity. I must be an ungrateful little turd; a despicable person. I must be unlikeable. I must be vile. I must be evil.

Instead of thanking my lucky stars I'm struggling with feelings that regularly prompt suicidal thoughts. Who the hell am I to have suicidal thoughts? I've landed on my feet, haven't I? I'm living in the lap of luxury, aren't I?

Let's not discuss this any more. Let's just agree that I'm the most hideously horrible piece of shit who ever disgraced the human race and leave it at that, shall we? Alright, I accept it... I admit it... I'm a worthless, abominable, contemptible, disgusting excuse for a man. I'm the shittest of the shit.

What an ungrateful fuck I am. What an ungrateful fucking fuck.