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Some good points in this essay. Suppose it all boils down in the end to whether or not the point of life is or is not dependent on quality of life. As someone living with 1 of the worst quality of life you can imagine ive thought about suicide often but never been able to go further than that... Almost every one of the categories you mentioned has happened in some way or other... resulting in permanent and irreversible damage. Its not an easy thing to solve once you start thinking more deeply about it... I am still suicidal even now but something always stops it from advancing beyond morbid thoughts (even though my life as it is now would be prety much regarded as "over" by 99% people's standards). I dont know... it just feels like theres something more to life than just a good quality of living... even though to be honest i cant see it from where i am now.

sean, Jul 24 2020 on