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This is My Life

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This is a story about Nick Grant...


Here's where I start and end each day. My side is the far side with all the pillows. This is how morning begins, with the gathering of pillows to prop myself up in bed. You can also tell this is a morning photo, because of the dressing gown casually tossed aside. Also, because it's day and not night. I spend most of my life in bed.


Here you can see the charger for my laptop within grabbing distance of the bed. Normally the laptop would be within grabbing distance too. My day would usually start with checking my phone for Facebook notifications, WhatsApp messages, Twitter notifications and emails that don't look too scary, like I'd actually have to do anything about them.


I don't normally get up at 'breakfast' time, but this is what I would eat if I could be bothered to boil water, pour it into a pot and stir for a couple of minutes. Sounds like hard work to me. I would normally go for two slices of buttered toast, which I would take back to bed, in order to get crumbs everywhere for that lovely scratchy feel when trying to sleep.


Ah, I see you've found my floordrobe. Here are clothes that are clean, or at least appear clean and don't have any sick or pooh on them. It's against my religious beliefs to eat lunch in a dressing gown, so I normally don the garment which is on the top of the pile, having checked for sick and pooh. Then I saunter into the kitchen to see what I can have for lunch, requiring the least effort.


Mmmmm... it's brunch. Breakfast is a drink - a protein shake with the aforementioned oats, but all you have to do is shake the bottle. Lunch is also a kind of drink - soup - but you have to microwave it for 6 whole minutes or else it's not pleasant to drink like the protein shake. Also, do not drink the soup in big gulps straight from the container like you would with the shake... or at least not until it's cooled down.

Coffee table

All that getting dressed and microwaving has left me ravenous. I have supplemented my brunch with several packets of crisps and enough cheese to clog most ordinary people's arteries. As you can see, I'm still very busy doing things on my laptop that don't earn me any money.

Remote control

Right, time to do something producti... wait a minute. There's hundreds of Sky TV channels, Apple TV, Netflix, Amazon Video, Now TV and BBC iPlayer. Let's find something educational to watch. Perhaps a documentary about history or something.

Man and Dog

I suppose I could read a book; expand my mind; grow my intellec... wait a second. THERE'S A MAN AND HE'S GOT A FUCKING DOG. HOW DID I NOT KNOW ABOUT THIS? I can see how my afternoon is going to be spent. This is what a productive day at home looks like... TO THE MAX.


Fucking books everywhere. It's the academic equivalent of flopping your dick out at a dinner party and saying "pretty impressive, huh?". Fuck off books. I have to find out what happens to that man. And his dog. It's important.


Awww the dog owners keep giving their dogs little treats. I think I deserve a snack. It has been a stressful day. So many snacks; so little time. All your snacks are belong to me.


I should really go out; get some exercise. You can't eat as much as I do when you're not doing any physical activity all day. I'd better check what it looks like out there. There might be a blizzard, or a hurricane. There might be robbers or nuclear fallout. Nobody ever got killed to death while watching TV, did they?


Ah there it is - the outside. In fact, I am outside on the balcony. This surely counts as going outside AND exercise. That will do for the day. I'm exhausted. Looks a bit dodgy down there - I'm sure it's wall-to-wall robbers. That sky is threatening too - I'm sure that hurricane is going to arrive any minute now. Safety first; time to go back inside where it's safe.

The hum 

People have been talking about "the hum" for years now. Well, I found out what it is. This fucking thing hums 24 hours a day. You can hear it even with all the double glazed windows and doors shut. Well, I suppose that's why this flat only cost a gazzilion pounds instead of a bazzilion pounds. London... the place where you're grateful to live with a fucking loud humming noise, just to own a tiny flat. My flat's valued at twice as much as this one and doesn't have a hum and it's bigger... but I couldn't afford to buy it.


I never drink before midday, but sadly that only applies on weekends and holidays. I've got to wait until 6pm and there's no white wine or gin left, and the red wine will stain my teeth, which will be a dead giveaway that I've been on the booze all afternoon. I suppose I can just look at it longingly.


I might just wait here in the hallway for her to get home. I'm lonely. Why does she have to work and pay the mortgage and buy everything I eat and cook and clean and take care of my every whim? Perhaps this is why some cultures allow multiple wives. I don't see why I shouldn't be allowed my own harem. I'm sure men would be in favour of bigamy if we held a referendum, which is at least 50% of the vote.

Peep hole

This is kind of like Big Brother Live, except you only see a contestant very occasionally and very briefly, as they walk down the corridor. Admittedly, I don't think that Endemol are going to pay me very much for the rights to produce the programme. It's entertaining me a bit though, and maybe I will be here at the very moment she arrives home. If I just wait here... will my patience hold out?


I said I was going to cook tonight. I'm making meatball fornication. I've got balls and I'm going to fornicate. Seriously though, here is a meal on top of a stove. I can cook and everything. I'm a modern man.


Only kidding. If I was actually going to prepare a meal, it would be a microwave ready meal. I was kidding about the preparing meals thing too. She's cooking chicken fajitas, and I'm under strict instructions not to eat the ingredients which are in the fridg... oh fuck. I ate the cheddar. No grated cheese for us on our fajitas. Oh well; I did eat quite a lot of cheese earlier, so at least *I* haven't missed out.


Hurrah! She's home. That deserves a toast. I'm going to drink all the alcoholz. Gin & tonic followed by white wine as an aperitif, then red wine with dinner and dessert, and then 'special squash' which can only be made while she's in the toilet. Sadly, the noise of me unscrewing a bottle cap means I normally get busted. Also, I reek of booze.


Time for bed. I'd better just take my medication. They all say "do not consume alcohol while taking this medication" but that's just advice, right, like traffic lights when you're on a bike. The doctor also told me not to take the maximum dose of tramadol and not to take it at the same time as the codeine but what the fuck does that jumped up twat know with their fucking 5 years of training. Fuck off. I'm also prescribing myself a combination of zopiclone, xanax and diazepam... all at doses well exceeding what those stingy bastard doctors will give me. It's the only way to get a decent night's sleep. Note: there's the dexedrine to help me wake up from my lethal cocktail of drugs, assuming I haven't died in my sleep.

The fan

"I'm just going to turn the fan on" she says just before we switch out the lights AS IF THE FUCKING HUM WASN'T BAD ENOUGH. Why was I even born? Why must I suffer like this? I must have been a paedophile in a previous life or something. YES, PLEASE! MORE NOISE WHILE I TRY AND SLEEP. Then the drugs kick in and the next thing I know she's kissing me goodbye before she leaves to go to her so-called job that earns the so-called money that pays the so-called mortgage and bills.

As you can tell, I'm the breadwinner and the brains of the operation round here. Man of the house; master of my domain.

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is my life.