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The world's longest suicide note

I write about life with bipolar disorder (a.k.a. manic depression)

All opinions are my own


Drop Out

6 min read

This is a story about life falling apart...

Pile of stuff

I've started to put my life back in good order, but I still have to get well enough to go back into the office sometime soon. I look like a tramp at the moment. A very tired tramp.

My bedroom carpet has been deep cleaned. The walls really need a wipe down and there's a bit of decorating touching-up to do. Considering I barricaded myself in there for days in very unsanitary conditions, it's not too bad. I need to buy a new bed, but I hated the old creaky one anyway. It's alright, but has a very ugly repair to one of the bars, which I decided I needed for my barricade, so I bent it in half until it broke.

As you can see, my temporary window coverings have been taken down. The low-tack masking tape I used hasn't left any marks or pulled off any paint. However, in the very worst case scenario, I could replace the underlay and carpet, replaster and repaint all the walls, and re-do all the caulking, which'd cost me about £1,000, plus the cost of replacing the bed. Frankly, if I stay for a couple of years and do a bit of touching up with roughly colour matched paint, nobody'll really notice - there's a huge patch where the paint is a whole shade darker, because I moved the wardrobe out of my bedroom and into my dressing room.

As for me, I'm exhausted. I had to get up and tidy my bedroom before the carpet cleaner arrived at 10am. I slept on the sofa. I probably didn't fall asleep until about 3am, even though I had sleeping pills and tranquillisers.

I have a mountain of towels and bedding to wash. The bathroom needs a good clean.

I need to re-stack up all that crap that's on my bed behind my second, superfluous, bedroom door. Perhaps I could get things a bit more organised while I'm at it, but I'm too tired.

During all this craziness, there's been a Royal wedding and apparently there's a big local music thing that all the locals are going on about, like it's not just some random concert. So many people have told me that "the place will be gridlock". London can put on a marathon all round the centre of a city of 10 million people. I think the Billy Ray Cyrus cover act playing "Achy Breaky Heart" headlining Wales' "Big Weekend" isn't going to cause too much of a problem for a city which is about 1-2% as big as London.

So, I've dropped out at the moment. I'm not going to the office. I'm not seeing anybody. I'm not leaving the house. I'm not leaving my apartment. Sometimes, I'm not even leaving the same room for days.

Problem is, in London you can pretty much shove your thumb up the Queen's arse and get away with a slapped wrist, but here it's a proper community and people stick together. You can't misbehave without getting in serious trouble. People gossip. Messages and emails get forwarded again and again and again. Faces get remembered. You bump into people you know.

If all else fails, try Wales, but I still need to be careful not to shit on my own doorstep cos what I got away with in London FOR YEARS just will not fly round here. I wanted a clean break, a fresh start, but I've already fallen out with a GP who was partially responsible for a young man's suicide, and a girlfriend who seemed to think the worst of me, despite evidence to the contrary. I've been accused of writing stuff on my blog about people and their families and generally sharing private stuff. Bullshit.

I need to act a bit differently now I live in this tiny city, so that I don't fall out with any more friends and break up with any more girlfriends, but you know EXACTLY who I am and EXACTLY what I think, without naming names or sharing private things... of my friends. If you're not my friend, you're fair game, except I'm not nasty and vindictive.

I'm feeling a bit sad that I've only got 2 non-work friends in the city, and that a great opportunity to socialise is currently a bit difficult because I don't want people from work seeing me when I'm looking so unhealthy.

I went on a site to find drinking buddies, and Jesus, that's depressing. My ex-girlfriend was always worried that I was "downdating" because the pool of available hotties in this tiny town is nothing like London, where Tinder brings an endless stream of stunning intelligent and cultured women.

If the work dries up here and I fail to find a social group I like, I think I could end up going back to London, now that I have the money to do it in style. Being able to drive to work is brilliant, but I'm so worried that I'm not going to find friends and a girlfriend who have similar values, goals and ambitions.

You know what I really miss? My cat and my girlfriend's cats.

It's amazing how quickly I went from viewing a yacht, drinking in the sun at a food festival, having a picnic in the sunshine, and finally getting a bit of a tan... to losing my girlfriend, risking my job, wrecking my bedroom, losing my mind.

I think I just want to drop out completely. I'll empty my bank accounts to pay back my guardian angel, and the taxman and the banks can go fuck themselves. I'll leave the country and go live and work somewhere you don't have some god-awful experience every time you just want to get a bit of money or a place to live, somewhere laid back. It's stressing me out too much, the pressure of staying in the rat race and keeping squeaky clean - one black mark and you're f**ked.

My ex-flatmate who owes me about £6,000 in unpaid rent and bills, also owes thousands to basically anybody who would give him any kind of credit agreement. The red bills - final demands - and debt collectors started appearing soon after I threw him out (I gave him SO MANY chances, but he kept lying and the debt kept getting bigger). Now, if his Instagram is to be believed, he's living the high life, so maybe there's a lot to be said for being a thoroughly disreputable and immoral piece of shit.

Personally, I've contributed the best part of a million quid to the economy, and I've worked my arse off to never default on a debt and always honour my commitments. Maybe that's where I'm going wrong. I need to just be a flakey drop-out. I think it'd be more fun. It'd certainly be a lot less stressful.




Find What You Love, and let it Kill You

5 min read

This is a story about taking things too literally...

Fast food

Very poetic, but I think the original author meant an obsession with a  beautiful woman, rich food, riding a motorbike too quickly or numerous other things where people would say "he died doing what he loved doing".

When it comes to drink, drugs and cigarettes (although "love" is a bit of a strong word for disgusting fags) people are like "no no no no. I didn't mean that literally".

Personally, I'd rather drink myself to death and let my addiction rampage out of control, than have a long life of mediocrity - endless hours spent watching light entertainment TV shows, riding the commuter train, bumbling along at work just because it's a job.

I've been ridiculously lucky, in that I have so many highly paid jobs I could apply for and probably get.

My dad taught me from an early age that there's no God and no afterlife so I have create to meaning.,

Currently I live for supercrack, with my writing a close second.

The infrequency of my blogging, most of the last 14 nights have been alcohol free and mostly without food, tells you everything you need to know about how much I love suercrack.

Let's get this straight: supercrack is killing me. It's wrecking my kidneys and heart, let alone the brain damage and other damage that's caused by stumbling around drunk from sleep deprivation, in the pitch black because you're too paranoid about anybody seeing your druggie face.

Let's also get this straight: I do not love supercrack. I spent whole nights holding my bedroom door shut with my feet, convinced that somebody's in my apartment and intent on seeing me at my lowest ebb; my most undignified, I spent until about 4am last night waiting up for the people to who wanted to harm me (stone thrown at window and back door kinda aggressively rattled. I decided to hide in the bathroom, which has a lockable door. Then, there were the sounds of drilling and work-boots and what I assumed were the landlord's minions who had taken it upon themselves to sort out my pit of misery and shame.

It is my understanding that, in the UK, you may not enter an owned or rented home without at least 24 hours prior notice, unless there's an "emergency" the landlord has to fix (e.g. a leak), the police have reasonable cause to believe that your life may be in danger... or a warrant. I don't know anything about warrants. I imagine they're not the easiest things to get for 'minor' crime, such as making a noise in your bathroom at 6am.

I was flabbergasted when I checked the time, having emerged from the bathroom - my doorbell had just rung - looking for a police offer to save me from the intruders who never once responded to my shouts of "who are you?" and "what are you doing in my apartment?" and "what authority do you have to be here?" and "you'd better be police officers with a warrant otherwise there's going to be hell to pay".

For every 15 enjoyable minutes of supercrack, it will give you 36 hours of paranoia, sweating, obsessive thinking, tachycardia, brachycardia, bruxism, dread, fear, anhedonia, loss of self-esteem, insomnia, lack of energy.

Today, I nearly died of dehydration, malignant hyperthermia, rhabdoyalosis and excess exertion placed on my heart. This is how the supercrack minset goes: "this is brilliant.... I should take more".... enter stimulant psychosis.

Tomorrow I have to deal with some of the consequences of going bat-shit insane from stimulant psychosis. Most of it revolves around barricading doors. I took the precaution of papering my windows shut, because drug addiction is not a spectator's sport - you're a sick fuck if you want to see people at their most vulnerable. However, the papered shut windows - in my mind at least - have attracted the attention of would be voyeurs, who would love nothing more than to see me taking drugs and masturbating to porn.

Fine, let it kill you, but your dignity will die first. I genuinely believed I was going to be carted off today, having not showered for 3 days and been pretty much constantly sweating. Oh the smell. The smell.

Then, what else are you prepared to lose? Your girlfriend? Your home? Your job? Your money (although admittedly supercrack is super cheap - it's fixing me and the other stuff that's expensive).

My loss of earnings from being too unwell - comedowns after stimulant psychosis - to work is over £4,000. People with coke habits put thousands up their noses. If you think my money goes on drugs, you're wrong. I've probably spent several thousands on beds in the last few years... I just decide they need 'remodelling' when I' off my rocker. Don't ask me why.

I need to stop this, before it costs me my job, my clean criminal record, my apartment, more money than I can afford, and my sanity (already in bad shape). It really pisses me off how it can have me physically shaking and vomiting, with the strength of the craving, after a year of being a good boy.

I thought to myself today: "it'd be a shame if I died, because I haven't reached a million words yet or achieved anything much to be proud of". I was giving a lecture on how to be a good Java programmer to nobody in particular, in the dark of my bathroom earlier.

I'm still managing to work - albeit from home - but it won't be long before my relapse becomes obvious to all involved. I've got a bloody yacht I can use now, but I haven't left the house since May 14, when we broke up. I dumped her - of course. I probably already knew in my subconscious mind that I was going to relapse.




Talking Shit Behind People's Backs

4 min read

This is a story about IT security...

With great power comes great responsibility

Ordinary people - non tech - believe that IT security is so good they can say WHATEVER THEY WANT and it'll be safely protected from prying eyes. What I'm really saying is, if you were to look at - hypothetically - a load of so-called private mail and messsages which have been exchanged electronically, you'd be horrified by what you saw. Somebody can easily act all sweet and innocent, believing that the ugly truth of what they say in so-called privacy is protected.

Before I continue, I must state for the record that I'm not a hacker, I don't hack people's accounts and I don't use my IT skills to invade anybody's privacy.

Even the least tech-literate amongst us uses Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Email (Google, Microsoft, Yahoo... to name but a few), Whatsapp, iMessage, Facebook Messenger, LinkedIn, plus of course THOUSANDS of websites. Each one of those things keeps a record of who you contacted and what you said. So, if you're talking shit behind somebody's back, there's a trail of digital evidence.

In the course of my job as an IT professional I SEE what people are doing with their computers and smartphones. I'm not spying. I'm not hacking. It's simply a hazard of the job. I make software. I put the software onto the devices. The devices get used by people. The data gets stored.... then at some point, I have to look at the data: not because I'm spying, but because I'm trying to fix a bug for somebody. Inadvertently I see all the SHIT that people send when they think nobody's going to see it except the intended recipient.

Now, I promise you as a software designer, I try to build systems where I couldn't see the shit you talk about people behind their backs. I really wish I DIDN'T KNOW just what a nasty bunch of people there are out there, and what nasty things they say and do. However, when you work with a lot of systems, and you didn't design and build them all yourself, you don't really get to avoid seeing the horrible stuff that people say to each other, about each other, and the nasty stuff they do.

People are really horrible, when they think they're in private; when they think they can get away with being nasty about somebody and they'll never find out.

Let's say that hypothetically, you wanted to know what somebody really thought about you. If you were determined enough, you could harvest every email, every message... everything. When you have all those Whatsapp messages, Messenger messages, personal emails, work emails, Twitter DMs, Instagram DMs etc. etc. then you - having completed the hypothetical exercise - you can see what a lot of shit got said behind your back; you really know what people think about you.

I suppose this is the curse of the IT professional: to know that people are two-faced, lying, cheating, nasty pieces of work. To see - in unambiguous clear plain text - that people are really really horrible  is very upsetting.

I think that's what this blog is about. I wanted to get out of "inbox culture" and the world of 'private' correspondence, and live an authentic life. I've practically stopped using email, messaging apps or any other form of communication which is not 100% public and transparent. I don't talk about people behind their backs. I don't chat shit. I don't have private discussion groups, to convene and invent sob stories to elicit undeserved sympathy. I don't lie. I don't cheat. I'm not two-faced. If you send me a message, I'll reply - I won't forward it onto somebody else.

I suppose that's what being a nice person is: not chatting shit behind people's backs, not talking about them without them knowing, not saying stuff about them in secret.

As an IT professional with "great power" I'm constantly disappointed - people really are complete and utter shits, when they think they're safe to say what they really think, and do whatever the fuck they want, and the victim will never find out





Poor Little Rich Bitch

2 min read

This is a story about privilege and entitlement...

Dry sausage

If your highly educated well paid professional parents with secure jobs say to you "follow your dreams!" and "do whatever you love!" and generally dote on you; indulge you, I can't relate I'm afraid.

My own growing up experiences drummed into me that I needed to get a job - any job - and that I would hate working but that's what life is all about: misery. I was told any aspirations I had to go to university were "a waste of time" which would only result in debts and worthless pieces of paper.

By the time I reached school-leaving age, the idea that I would study something I found academically interesting, or get a job that was rewarding, doing something I loved, had been completely thrashed out of me.

Some people have done multiple degrees, masters and even doctorates - I agree that being an eternal student is a lot more fun and interesting than working.

Some people have had gap-yahs and gone travelling.

Some people have gotten jobs in their area of interest, because they were told from an early age that they should follow their dreams and do what they love.

Excuse me if I don't shed a tear for those spoiled brats. Excuse me if I'm not exactly too sympathetic towards the 'struggles' in their lives.

It's often those who've lived lives with the most privilege, who've been able to do whatever the hell they want, who feel a sense of entitlement; who feel the least gratitude towards those who bankroll their lives of idle luxury.

"I work!" the entitled little shits protest. No. No you do not. I work so you can get paid. You just fuck about, carrying on with your "follow your dreams" fantasy.

I'm not sorry for the poor little rich bitches. I'm not sorry for the ones who are experts at victim-playing, who have such wonderful sob stories, but when you dig a little deeper you find out that they spent most of their adult life dossing around. Fuck them.




Sorry Seems to be the Hardest Word

4 min read

This is a story about a lack of remorse...

Naughty cat

We very often anthropomorphise and we say that our cat or dog has been "naughty" or "misbehaving" which is ridiculous, because a non-human animal's brain lacks the capacity to plan, and the concepts of right & wrong are not something which could ever be taught conceptually. Yes, we can rub a puppy's nose in its own puddle of urine, believing that we are teaching it not to be naughty, but we are actually conditioning the animal to become anxious and hold in its full bladder using fear and revulsion - a kind of 'teaching by terror'.

Human morality can be learned conceptually. We know that it is wrong to murder, for example, even though almost none of us learned that by murdering somebody and being punished.

As complex social animals, we learn an whole range of behaviours purely from others' reactions to our actions. We have an incredible ability to interpret nonverbal communication - like facial expressions - and we will adjust our behaviour accordingly.

In the interests of being able to peacefully cohabit in larger and larger tribes, antisocial individuals have been weeded out of the gene pool. Those who are socially clueless about upsetting and angering others, have mostly died out.

Thus, we arrive at a situation where we know when we've done something wrong and really upset somebody and/or made them really angry. If we keep doing the same thing over and over again, we know we're doing it - we're pushing somebody's button's deliberately.

Personally, if somebody tells me explicitly that I've said or done something to upset them, or even if there are just subtle body language clues, my first instinct is to apologise.

I've had people absolutely raging and ranting at me, when the thing they were angry about wasn't even true but yet I was apologetic.

Apologise first. Apologise first and defuse the situation. The more you apologise, the more the whole of society gets along just fine.

Apologise. It won't kill you.

Apologise. It won't damage your pride.

Apologise. It's what the nice, kind and pleasant members of society do.

Apologise. It helps us all get along.

If you don't apologise, immediately, without heistation, there's probably something wrong with you. There's probably a reason why you're not having long-lasting relationships; why you haven't been married; why you never tried to have kids. Society doesn't want people who don't apologise. Society would prefer arseholes who never say sorry to just die and take their genes with them to the grave.

If "sorry" is a hard word for you to say, and you'd rather put all your effort into avoiding saying sorry, well, maybe that's why nobody wants to be your partner. 

It does surprise me how some people just stubbornly won't apologise for horrible unforgivable disgusting things they've done - they're remorseless - but I guess they're the ones who are excluded from society, by being locked up in prisons, or excluded from the gene pool because they get dumped and spend most of their life single. 

I really can't relate to those people who won't apologise for the things they've done wrong. I really can't understand why they'd waste so much effort not saying sorry. It seems like a lot of wasted effort, and it seems very antisocial to me.

I remember my ex-wife had broken my nose and given me two black eyes, and I asked her if she was going to say sorry. She literally didn't think she'd done anything wrong. "Domestic violence is when a man hits a woman, not the other way round you idiot" she said. She was completely unrepentant; remorseless.

I've got hyper-sensitivity for abusive women now. If I pick up on the fact that you think it's OK to abuse men, because you're a woman, then I'm sorry, but you're dumped.

How much abuse is OK? "I'm only teasing" - yeah, well how many people kill themselves because it's "just a bit of harmless fun" for their abusers? Teasing, yes, maybe... but I'm still a bit cautious. Where does teasing end and systematic routine psychological abuse begin? It's a slippery slope.

So, I err on the side of caution. I dump abusive girlfriends. I apologise, even if I stubbornly think I'm right.




Feed and Water Regularly

13 min read

This is a story about looking after living organisms...

Drooping house plant

My drooping castor oil plant is the perfect visual metaphor for what's happened to both of us in the best part of a week - we've been dying.

I can be a little paranoid, even in perfect health. I wouldn't - for example - walk around naked without the curtains or blinds fully closed, even though there's a fairly small chance that somebody might get an eyeful of full frontal nudity, unless I was stood right by the window for ages. My ex-girlfriend throws open her bedroom shutters, often times much improving the day of the workmen retiling the roof of the house opposite. Something like that would change my behaviour, but not her - even with hard concrete evidence that a little paranoia is justified, she continues to flash her knockers at strangers every morning. There's also a school opposite her house too, so it'd be just my luck to end up on some kind of police register because an eagle-eyed kid caught a glimpse of my willy as I darted past the window to get my garments and cover up.

The blinds in my bedroom are shit - as I've said before - and one thing that's really bad is that they offer even less privacy at night, when it's light inside and dark outside. I'm not exactly thrilled at the thought of putting on a light and shadow show, which would unmistakably advertise to my neighbours that I'm having a wank to pornography. It's bad enough being single again, but most of us reserved Brits are a bit ashamed of our masturbation and porn habits.

Just ask somebody to show you the history of everything they searched for on a porn site, and you'll see that it's not just me who's the paranoid prudish freak: there's something so personal and confidential about the porn that you like and the words you use to find it. When you're searching in the privacy of your own home, with nobody looking over your shoulder, you assume that nobody will ever see those words other than you. It's one of the most unpleasant experiences to have somebody judge those words you typed, especially as nobody else was ever supposed to see them.

So, I can be paranoid, even at the best of times.

Sleep deprivation, dehydration and hunger can take a little seed of paranoia and turn it into fully-blown bat-shit insanity.

My windows were taped up so nobody could see in. Then my doorbell started ringing and ringing. I could hear my landlord hanging around. I could hear footsteps right by my bedroom windows. I could see silhouettes of people standing right by my bedroom windows. "Fuck!" I thought "what am I going to say if he knocks on the door and asks why I taped up the windows?". So, I stayed awake all night, watching shadows and not wanting to use the rest of my apartment or turn on a light. So far as anybody could've guessed, I wasn't in.

If you're "not in" you can't flush your toilet and you can't run the taps, and you have to rely on night vision and tiptoeing around, feeling your way as you go. If you're "not in" you can't be spotted through your absolutely massive windows in the living areas, which you can't draw the curtains of, because that makes it look more like you're at home, just not answering the door.

If you're "not in" and you can't flush the loo - which is right by the communal hallway - because you're paranoid somebody'll hear it, then you can't drink too much. Besides, you can't be seen filling up a glass or a bottle, through the massive window right by the sink, especially when the landlord's main hobby is hanging around by people's windows.

If you're "not in" you can't go and prepare yourself a delicious hot meal - again because you don't want to be seen or heard.

Eventually, you get like my wilted plant. Your body starts to eat itself, which would be OK ish if you were drinking to get rid of the excess creatinine by pissing it out, but you're not pissing because you can't and you're not drinking much. All that shit in your blood which your kidneys would ordinarily filter out hasn't got any carrier fluid to push it though the filter and into the bladder, so your blood gets really toxic. Your muscles start getting damaged, and the bits of damaged muscle block the tiny 'filter holes' in your kidneys, and then you couldn't piss even if you wanted to - you're blocked up; kidney failure

Once you end up in urinary retention, your body will get waterlogged, but the most worrying thing is that your potassium levels will keep rising until your heart stops, because there's no way to get rid of it and it's hard to have a potassium-free diet. Anything over 5ml of potassium in a litre of your blood means you're at pretty imminent risk of a sudden cardiac arrest. You've only got 5 litres of blood in your body, so that's 25ml of potassium. And yes, this is potassium not potassium cyanide. Bananas would be a bit of a shit way to kill yourself - you'd have to eat 51 plus extras because your body is not 100% metabolically efficient. Avocados could be a good novel suicide method though - you'd only have to eat 23 of them to reach hyperkalemia. Ironically, replacing your salt with "healthy" low sodium salt could be a fatal mistake, and it'd certainly be a lot easier to swallow a few of spoonfuls of salt than eat more than 50 bananas.

So, anyway, I started pissing blood, but at least I was pissing. It's when you stop pissing, you've really gotta worry.

I got brave and went on a raiding mission to my fridge where my friend had left me with two bottles of fizzy drink. I treated it like my ex-girlfriend's lack of paranoia about people seeing her tits when she opens the shutters - I was so quick, that I minimised the chance of being seen.

I then had to shake up the drinks and really really slowly let the gas escape, because I can't stand the bloated burping they cause... but, my body had a sugar boost and much needed fluids.

I hadn't slept for two nights at this point, and I was too paranoid to rummage for food which could be eaten cold - I knew everything in the fridge had gone off, and there simply wasn't anything that I could eat without cooking.

I passed out for a couple of hours and when I came to, I had no idea where I was. I was uncontrollably shivering: my body just hadn't had the calories it needed to power my cells and keep my blood at a toasty 37 degrees centigrade.

I wrapped myself in my duvet and warmed myself up as best as I could, but I'd ripped though the soft drinks. In my boldest and most daring feat of anti-paranoia bravery - perhaps with that time unconscious giving me a 'rest' and a sugar boost from the fizzy drinks - I grabbed two bottles of squash and a can of baked beans. I made 3.5 litres of very weak squash in the bath, where I couldn't be seen, although the noise of running water was a concern... but the bathroom is at least a door further away from the front door than the toilet.

As I guzzled a seemingly inexhaustible supply of weak squash, I told myself "this is the best lime cordial I've ever tasted". I greedily scooped cold beans in tomato sauce out of the can I'd grabbed, and I had to pace myself, because my stomach had shrunk so much after 4 days not eating. Also, I had to remember to chew - I was so desperate to fill my stomach that I think I could've just gulped the can down, like lumpy soup.

The food and drink started to vanquish my paranoia, and I moved away from the bedroom door, where I had been a sentry for 5 nights. I lay in bed snuggled under the covers, and my exhaustion finally revealed itself to me - I was trying to write a few messages to say I was OK, and I probably didn't need to go to hospital cos I'd sorted myself out, but I'd keep falling asleep and being woken up by the sound of my phone dropping onto the floor.

I had a longer, warmer, more comfortable sleep in an actual bed, and when I woke up my paranoia was vastly diminished. I felt brave enough to turn lights on, have a shower, use the kitchen and generally no longer have to pretend I was "not in". I was also famished and I desperately wanted to eat a hot meal and use a spoon or a fork, and a plate or a bowl, instead of a laminated business card as a makeshift way of getting beans out of the can and into my mouth.

My bedroom looks every bit like it's been lived in for 5 days by a person who's too paranoid to leave, turn on a light or flush a toilet, but that's a problem for tomorrow. Being well enough to go into the office on Monday looks dubious, but I don't look as bad as I thought I did. I'm overwhelmed by the prospect of sorting out my bedroom, but perhaps I can get a pro-cleaning team to give it a proper deep clean and a decorator to tidy up the marks on the paintwork, where I stumbled into a wall in the pitch black, while sleep deprived, dehydrated and hungry.

I'm so sad that my life was so close to almost perfect - a holiday booked, plans to go sailing and a girlfriend who was alright when she was being nice, rather than trying to unmask me as some kind of god-knows-what, by asking the same rude, impertinent questions that insinuated and alleged that I'm Hitler, Stalin, Osama-bin-Ladin and every serial killer who ever lived, all rolled into one. I would've got away with it, if it wasn't for her pesky asking the same identical question over and over again. Actually, I dumped her - you can't treat a person like they raped, tortured and murdered their whole family, by constantly making untrue horrible allegations about past and future. I really see no justification for being horrible, assuming the worst and treating a person like they'd smash up all your stuff and burn your house down unless you told them not to and supervised them at all times.

So: situation vacant. I'm looking for a girlfriend who doesn't say "don't murder anybody today" instead of goodbye in the morning. I'm looking for a girlfriend who sees my potential, trusts me, respects me and imagines me at my best, not some over-active imagination version of me at my worst. I value loyalty and tactility - somebody who likes hugging and snuggling and spooning - and I have a very strict 3-strike rule if you use withholding of affection, silent treatment, sulking and other negative behaviours which are abusive, instead of a combination of physical reassurance of the bond, and non-aggressive communication.

I'm gutted, because I'd almost taken my 'conversion project' and turned her into somebody who wanted the same kind of secure, loving relationship, packed full of affection. 99% of the time we had a nice time, and when she was being shit with me, we never had an argument... I taught her how to use affection to produce a more effective and quicker resolution, instead of passive-aggressiveness, open hostility, arguing and withholding of affection.

I'm gutted, because I'd been generous and attentive and taken my time in the bedroom and turned her into a little sex addict. We had a good sex life. Not every girl can relax enough and forget the lazy and incompetent lovers of the past, so she really wants sex and initiates it, because of the months and months of investment, making sure she's super satisfied every time and spending lots of time on the pre/post affection aspect, which is arguably the most important thing... way more than a rushed bit of foreplay, ram it in dry, two pumps and a squirt and then immediately roll over and go to sleep.

I'm actually angry I had to dump her, because rules are rules and the last couple of times I didn't stick to my rules, I got domestically abused. I'm a sensitive guy; vulnerable; I'm emotionally unguarded and I leave myself exposed, because it creates a much more bonded happy relationship than two people who just make smalltalk and never really know each other and what they want.

I feel so much more upset about the breakup, because it's a really small city I live in, and it's hard to find somebody who'd love nothing more than to watch an arthouse movie, or eat something really exotic. It's really hard to find somebody who's cultured and well travelled enough to feel like a good match. Damn, I'm fussy, aren't I?

I also feel 100x more alone, even though it's just one person, and I still have local friends Gail and Liam, plus my sailing buddies (only met one - and I work with him) and all the people I work with, some of whom are proper friends too.

It's kinda 'final straw' stuff though. Life's so hard on your own. Everything's easier with two of you, backing each other up.

I haven't got the energy to woo another girl and go through that super intense bit at the start again. She's really pissed me off, that I wasted so much effort, only for her to make yet another horrible allegation, and crossed the threshold - I spent 8 years in a relationship where somebody spoke to me like shit, and it was hell on earth. Walk away. Walk away. Walk away.

I really think I'm going to suffer without regular hugs and cuddles, and reliable companionship. It's a bit like plant food - they don't need it, but it does make them thrive.

Anyway, that was most of the past week. Please look out for me; I'm super fragile.




Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT)

4 min read

This is a story about absolute c**ts...


Those are my legs. The leg on the left has deep vein thrombosis (DVT). I think this photo is a far better illustrative image than the photo which is featured on the Wikipedia article about DVT.

The cause of DVT is well understood: a blood clot caused by restricted circulation. Again, you just have to read the Wikipedia article and you can understand it very easily.

In fact, you don't even need to read the Wikipedia article. You can just ask me, because I've had DVT. The answer to "what happened to your leg?" is a really simple one: "I got DVT".

Asking the question "why did you get DVT?" also has a really simple answer: "the circulation in my leg was restricted".

Can you see where this is going? It's not rocket science.

Asking the question "why was the circulation in your leg restricted?" yet again has a really simple answer: "I sat on my leg".

By now if you're asking "why did you sit on your leg?" you're quite obviously a complete and utter c**t. Why don't you fuck off and die.

People sit on their leg all the time, and people get DVT all the time, so why don't you fuck off and die you utter c**t.

Asking all these questions ONCE is OK, except for the "why did you sit on your leg?" one, which is just a total c**tish question to ask, unless you're some sort of freak who never once in your entire life sat on your leg. There's even a very common phrase in regular use: "dead leg". If we bothered to invent the term "dead leg" then it must be because it's a super common thing to do.

To ask the c**tish questions must mean you're a c**t.


I was asked the same question, again and again and again and again and again. Unsurprisingly, the answer was always the same, because THAT IS THE ANSWER TO THE QUESTION.

Anybody who keeps asking the same question again and again and again is obviously a complete and utter C**T.


I EXPLAINED THE ANSWER AGAIN AND AGAIN AND AGAIN AND AGAIN using simple language that a developmentally retarded partially lobotomised chimpanzee would be able to easily understand. So why keep asking the same question again and again? Easy: because YOU'RE A COMPLETE AND UTTER CUNT.

Here's the Wikipedia article, which is worth a look just to compare the photo of my leg above with the pathetic example on the Wikipedia page:

Anyway, I've had enough. You can ask me the same question a million times, and I'll patiently explain the answer for the millionth time, but the 1,000,001st time you ask the question, you're fucking dumped, I'll block your phone number, I'll block your email address and I'll completely cut you out of my life, because I've got no more time or energy for horrible c**ts like that.

If you're hoping to get a different answer, you're a total fucking c**t. There's only one answer: the full and completely exhaustive truthful answer, and if it's not the one you want, you can fuck off and die. You're an absolute c**t for wanting an answer that's not the truth.

Here's all the evidence. There's the damn photo of my damn leg with the damn DVT. It's that fucking simple.

Goodbye and good riddance you c**t.




I Hate to Worry You, but You Should Worry

8 min read

This is a story about warning signs...

Night vision

One of the reasons why I write every day - and publish publicly - is because it's a healthy habit: I do it when I'm well, or at least not dreadfully unwell. One of the reasons I publish every day is because it gives a lot of clues about my state of mind, and therefore informs the reader about the risks to my life.

For example, I published every single day - without fail - while I was working in London, because I was on the brink of suicide nearly every day. More often than not, if I stop blogging, I'm either dead or dying. If you look at the previous blog posts leading up to the days I stopped blogging, then you'll see plain as day all the warning signs.

The problem is, people get used to hearing a struggling person casually saying "I wish I was dead" and they think it's part of their personality; they think that they're "crying wolf". Trouble is, many of those people will eventually kill themselves, or at least attempt to. There's a lot of bullshit about "attention seeking" and not having to worry about the ones who are talking about it: "it's the quiet ones you've got to worry about". Bullshit bullshit bullshit. There's a lot of bullshit - especially in the medical community - which equates to "I don't think you're really going to do it. Go on! Do it! Prove it! I call your bluff!".

The net result is dead people. Lots and lots of dead people. A man kills himself every 2 hours in the UK. When you visit a doctor and the number one thing that's going to kill you is suicide, and the doctor has the opinion that you're "probably not" going to kill yourself, they're arrogantly gambling with your life.

I get it. It's boring hearing about how awful people's lives are. I get it... it gets REALLY BORING waiting for a suicidal person to finally do it. DO IT ALREADY. I'M BORED OF WAITING. I'VE HEARD YOU SAY YOU WANT TO KILL YOURSELF SO OFTEN, SO I WANT YOU TO DIE SO I DON'T HAVE TO HEAR IT ANYMORE.

Thus, we arrive at the world's longest suicide note. 900,000 words and counting.

Nobody can say "I didn't know" or "we'd have done something if we knew" or "we don't understand".

I've documented in exquisite and unflinching detail, every single aspect of what makes me suicidal.

The photo above is taken using the night-vision mode of my smartphone. The photo is taken through the crack at the bottom of my door. You can see my bike in the hallway, but other than that the image is pretty hard to discern. This is a snapshot of psychosis - I was using the night-vision mode on my smartphone to 'peek' outside my bedroom and look into the rest of my empty apartment, but the psychosis was telling my that my apartment wasn't empty. I was looking for intruders: the shadow people.

My mental illness started as common-or-garden variety depression, meaning that I was planning to kill myself by sellotaping a bag full of pure nitrogen over my head, and asphyxiating. I bought the canisters of nitrogen gas. I bought the duct tape. I found an airtight bag big enough to envelope my head, and leave enough space so I could breathe in the nitrogen. Nitrogen is not a poisonous gas, but it's inert... if you breathe pure nitrogen, you're not breathing any oxygen, and you'll quickly pass out and die.

I bought potassium cyanide. I even put a picture of the potassium cyanide that I'd bought on Facebook and told people what it was and what I planned to do with it. The most notable reply I got was from a 'friend' who was angry that I had it in my house when he brought his kid over to visit... which I did not. It was triple sealed in airtight vacuum packaging, then placed in a hazardous chemical containment jar, then finally it was placed in a locked steel strongbox in my summerhouse - nearly 100m away from the house. His kid must be pretty special to be able to pick two locks, locate the container and open the packaging in order to ingest the deadly chemical. That was the most notable reply. THAT WAS THE MOST NOTABLE REPLY - anger that somebody's child might have died if they had the ability to time-travel and pick locks.

So... nobody gives much of a fuck.

I was immediately discharged as soon as I came out of my coma and my kidneys started working again, following my attempted suicide in Manchester, when I'd ingested enough tramadol to kill an elephant. They didn't transfer me to a psych ward. They didn't put me in a crisis house. They didn't do anything - they just discharged me, whereupon I had to go back to the apartment where I'd tried to kill myself, with its door hanging off its hinges because the emergency services had to kick it down to save me. The first thing I said to the ITU doctor when I came round was "I'm upset that I'm alive. I wanted to die. I told you not to treat me; not resuscitate me. I still want to die". What the actual fuck? Do the capitalists want to exploit me so badly that they'll keep me alive against my will?

There's an 'unsound mind' argument, but my mind is free from drink, drugs, medication and other mind-altering substances. My brain is working the way nature intended through millions of years of evolution. MY BRAIN IS FUCKING WORKING. If I'm depressed, it's because of depressing bullshit jobs, war, famine, climate change, inequality, brutality, bullying, people who don't give a fuck whether you live or die, and people who want you to stay alive so they can exploit you until the day you die of old age and exhaustion. My mind is perfectly sound. I'm having a sane reaction to an insane world.

If I'm not blogging, you should worry.

If I stop blogging, worry.

In a perfect world, I'd tell this fucked up world to fuck off and I'd become an artist. I'd quit my god-awful boring unchallenging piss-easy pointless bullshit job, and I'd go do something creative. I'd be a 'bum'. I'd be a 'loser'. I'd reject 'civilised' society and go have some damn fun. 21+ years in the rat-race full time, and 13+ years in full-time 'education' which was just bullying and absolute bullshit box-ticking for the sake of school league tables. I don't give two fucks about pieces of paper to wave around - they prove nothing - and I don't give two fucks about inflated job titles for work that is ABSOLUTELY USELESS. Take a long hard look at yourself - you're all talk and no action; you produce nothing; your job is completely and utterly useless; you're very busy doing NOTHING.

However I kill myself - quickly by jumping off a tall building, or slowly with drugs and alcohol - it's the same end result. We all die in the end anyway, so I really don't see the point in prolonging the suffering. Cut to the chase. Jump to the end. Skip the awful bit, with the commuting and the BORING BORING BORING bullshit made-up pointless jobs.

Yes, at one point I had lots of lovely holidays and lots of friends, plus lots of material trimmings like sports cars, yachts, speedboats, hot tubs, summer houses, a house, a garden, a cat... then I said to myself "but I'm still depressed that my job is utter bullshit which doesn't do anything of any use for anybody". So I became an electrician. I can proudly say that lots and lots of families have lights, and power sockets, and electric ovens, and electric hobs, and electric showers, and power to their hot tubs, and power to their sheds and outbuildings, and power to their electric gates and power to a million and one other things. Work that I did is responsible for improving the lives of all the tons and tons of families for whom I installed the electrics in their homes. Trouble is 1) people begrudge paying tradesmen, expecting them to work for minimum wage, 2) the work destroys your health, because there's so much brick dust, asbestos etc, and 3) the responsibility for doing a safe installation to safeguard the lives of everybody who will ever be in those houses, is not reflected in the wage or the health damage aspect.

Pushing paper around my desk and pretending to look busy carries zero risk that a mistake of mine might kill somebody, but yet I get paid 5 or 6 times more money... but I'm intolerably bored.

I might as well be an artist. At least with the creative arts, you're paid fuck all but it's lots of fun, intellectually stimulating, free from responsibility, and nobody gets electrocuted to death if you make a tiny mistake... in fact, can you even make a mistake as an artist?

This blog is an artwork; it's a piece of evolving art - it's durational to use the wanky arty term.

But, when the art stops my heart stops.

If I stop blogging, you should worry about me.




Lost for words

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Doesn't happen often, but there's a first time for everything.




Paranoia? Problem Solved

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This is a story about peeping toms...

Window coverings

What goes on in my bedroom is not a spectator's sport. I'm really not a big fan of people peeking through my blinds, which is actually a pretty regular occurrence given how the landlord, his handyman and his gardener all seem to love hanging around by my bedroom windows. Haven't they got anything better to do? I've lived here a month and a half, and the landlord is hanging round like a bad smell nearly every day. If he loves the place so much, he should live in it himself and leave me to enjoy my apartment in peace and quiet.

Ordering a custom roller-blind which would be wide enough to fit the biggest bedroom window, and fitting them, would require permission from the landlord and further intrusion. I don't know who the hell fits dodgy blinds to a ground floor bedroom, but that's what they've done. My apartment in London had blinds AND curtains. I don't mind blinds, if they're the the roller kind, but the slatted ones are only made for the benefit of peeping toms, if they're used in a ground-floor bedroom.

This small paranoia gets magnified when 1) people are hanging around by my bedroom window all the time, just like the landlord, his gardener and his handyman are, and 2) when I'm not very well, which isn't helped by feeling so exposed in my own home. Home is supposed to be a private sanctuary, but it's not when you're being spied on by all and sundry.

My behaviour must seem very strange, but I felt so much better about being in my bedroom with the proper privacy that would be expected of the place where you get naked and have sex. Call me weird, but I'm not in the business of putting on a sex show for the public.

I guess I'll find a proper permanent solution eventually, but my temporary one worked well enough.